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Charles Lee

AiX, an AI Fintech Firm is Launching 'Bondsai - The World's First Artificial Intelligence Bond Broker', Setting Their Sights on Disrupting a $15 Trillion Market

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AiX has partnered with XinFin to leverage the XinFin protocol to facilitate offerings of global cutting-edge Infrastructure deals and create liquidity in traditional bonds in order to generate funding for projects.

AiX's Bondsai along with XinFin will enable Development Banks and Government Treasuries to efficiently offload de-risked loans to secondary markets and thus provide more new lending.

By tokenizing infrastructure bonds, XinFin & AiX aim to bridge a gap in the market allowing them to provide direct liquidity access to global institutional investors for investments in critical physical infrastructure projects such as power, water, and transportation. The first issuance of bonds will take place in the 3rd Quarter of 2019 and will consist of approximately $250- $400m of AAA rated, sovereign backed, post-risk infrastructure bonds from the books of the Development Banks and Government Treasuries.


Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aix-an-ai-fintech-firm-is-launching-bondsai---the-worlds-first-artificial-intelligence-bond-broker-setting-their-sights-on-disrupting-a-15-trillion-market-300824068.html

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I am not sure whether these bonds will trade on secondary markets or just among the issuer and the borrower. XDC use case may be to process the smart contract and/or work with XinFin issued stable coin with XDC backing it.

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