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Charles Lee

How to store your XDCE in Ledger Nano S

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Please note! This guide is for XDCE ERC-20 Token only and NOT the XDC token!

Even though the feature is currently experimental, I have experienced no problems saving XDCE onto my Ledger Nano S using the following approach:

  1. Download Ledger Live 1.12.0 or above, install and open the App.
  2. Enable Experimental nodes in Settings > Experimental features.
  3. Enable Experimental Core in Settings > Experimental features.
  4. Go to your Ledger Nano S -> ETH -> Settings -> Contract data -> "Yes"
  5. Go to your Ledger Nano S -> ETH -> Settings -> Browser Support -> "No"
  6. Go back to Ledger Live and add your Ethereum accounts again to update them for ERC20 functionality. You may use the Add accounts button on the Accounts page.
  7. Send a small amount of XDCE to your ETH address found in Ledger Live. This will create a XDCE wallet in your Ledger Live.

Hope this helps!

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