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  1. and having one Masternode running you can put a "check" on that. Investing in more Masternodes of the same project you make yourself "addicted" to that one project, very risky IMO Next to Bitcoin holdings and XinFin masternode I want to do a check on other stuff too, on many I have "enough"to be happy at the moment. Other interesting masternodes are CPChain, MatrixAi and GRAFT, all have huge partnerships, great devs, great teams... everything as great as with XinFin. Prove of Stake cons like Icon, Ontology, Nexus, Aion, Aelf, Stratis and in future Eth with its 32eth minimum all very interesting and a good hedge without having to run a masternode. Got scared out of Komodo because of their wallet hack but all in all this is a great ecosystem with very smart devs. High Performance Blockchain, great project too with a mega partnership in UnionPay, will it help to rise the value of hpb??? Like in every other coin next to bitcoin, this is a big unknown. Will any blockchain out of pure demand evey rise the value of the token? We don´t know, at the moment even bitcoin is only valued from speculators. DigiByte is another must for me, simply the best version of bitcoin IMO, I hope they will get used even more as Litecoin, I like everything more with DGB, really one of my faves with Elastos. Oh and one last thing would be investing directly in exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase over my BnkToTheFuture platform
  2. yes that is a difficult question I can´t decide myself what to do. Sure if you have more than 10 btc than you don´t have to worry that much but if you have way less I don´t know if it would be wise to sell btc for more masternodes. I´m very diversivied in crypto and open against btc-only thoughts but we have to think about that "if any of the cryptos will work, it might be bitcoin" It is the safe bet in this space. XinFin on the other hand is almost as low as it gets in sat-messure, so it rises with btc most of the time and if it starts to rise in sats itself then you can easily gain 100x. It is so tempting. The only thing that really holds me back is the current value. I can´t make of my mind how the players who say they are involved in this ecosystem let if fall down that deep, that is really suspicious to me. If you KNOW Xinfin will be used in the future and will be a big player in the world you don´t let it fall to almost 0 IMO There is something wrong in nobody of the big players are picking in up and only little pure guys like me invest in it. XinFin is nothing without its partners, the tech IMO is not very special against other dpos system, sure very good but nothing that special. Ramco, R3 ... all that is the reason I´m in XinFin and like I said it is very strange that these bigboys don´t buy the coin since month
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