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  1. and as a follow up to mine own post, lol, I see the TPS for XDC, very fast, and the XDCE is ERC and I assumed a PoW token I didnt think any PoW token was that fast, I see they call it a hybrid, but was not sure about the stated TPS, since my background is not technology, i am running the risk of asking a stupid question, just trying to understand, i guess it all goes back to XDC v XDCE, thanks again,.
  2. This post can largely be ignored/deleted, as I found the answer that Charles posted. I am however curious about the XRPL, sorry about this extra post, thank you.
  3. oops, i just posted about this, i didnt see this until after i hit post, apologies.
  4. I was wondering if there is an explanation about XDC v XDCE in terms of exchanges/coins and what is the one to buy/hold. I dont see where to buy XDC, but I see the XDCE, the ERC-20 version (which I have purchased after doing some due diligence and keep in MEW) and there is Alphaex where they can be exchanged 1:1 but wasnt not clear if this was necessary. I have read Charles' posts and talks about the XDC token, but rarely mentions XDCE, are they interchangeable? Can someone provide some clarity or point me in the right direction? Mostly on the difference between the two (XDC & XDCE) if there is one? Also, since a lot of the discord members are in the XRP community like I am, is anyone aware of any discussion at XinFin about using XRPL instead of ETH? I know Mr Kitao has said positive things about XinFin in the past, and with all the advantage XRPL can offer, it seems a natural, thank you in advance.
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