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  1. Wow @Charles Lee Thanks for this great piece of information.
  2. Hi @Barney Mercatox is fine, although they are a little expensive in order to withdraw. Succes with the order, but don't wait to long. We ain't gonna get much lower then this I think. 😀
  3. Nice read for the newly arrived contributors in our community. XinFin extends its influence in blockchain friendly island, Malta After a tremendous uproar and high trading volumes on multiple exchanges, XinFin has taken another step in cultivating and extending their influence in one of the fastest growing European Nation. Aakash, Compliance Officer, XinFin and team recently visited Malta to interact and engage with top leaders from governance, law, banking, tech and finance industry. Embarking on an extensive business meet, XinFin appropriated numerous engagements and dealings which could be a potential turning point for their product awareness apart from being a boost to their business roadmap. Beginning the journey, Aakash met Mr Carlo Stivala from a leading Malta company supporting XinFin. Being directly involved in the new branch, Carlo will be helping XinFin in various documentation processes which might need some local assistance, legal opinions, licensing and other local dealings. Having a good clientele in diverse industries, his organisation offers relational benefits to XinFin which will help the company to discover better business solutions based on blockchain and connect with customers in need of technical expertise. XinFin Compliance officer Aakash Kakkad (left) and our associate Carlo Stivala at Malta (right) A lot of business leaders in Malta were quite enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain. A business leader at a major bank shared “I really like the idea and find a host of productive consequences from it. It would be a profitable venture to support.” Aakash met CEO of one of the biggest gaming companies in Malta. Their company provides software service to various betting companies apart from providing payment gateway services to gaming companies and is a B2B license holder in the gaming industry. He started with blockchain company with services of reviewing and advisory for DLT Companies and setting up blockchain companies in Malta. Their organisation will be employing XinFin’s tech support for blockchain based projects. Progressing the deal, the company official added, “XinFin will be the official tech partner for our company in blockchain Industry”. Subsequently, the company will soon be listing all the services provided by XinFin, on their website. Such a move is bound to get a definite and extended exposure in this gaming industry. As part of the engagement process, Aakash met one of the most well-known lawyers, and Partner Lawyer of Biggest Law Firm of Malta, who is also the appointed lawyer by the prime minister of Malta for blockchain task force in Malta. He has been assigned the task force for setting up bill and law for the Blockchain Island. With an in-depth knowledge of multiple tokens and previous legal experience at various well-known Blockchain Companies, his trust factor stands a huge ground. In the financial industry, Ex CEO of well known European Crypto Exchange will be helping XinFin as an Advisor and Ecosystem Development in European Region which will again be conducive for extending XinFin’s influence and awareness in the financial industry. Multiple leaders working in diverse domains presented different avenues for facilitating the business and trading for XinFin in Malta. One of them was Professor at the University of Malta. She expressed her optimism regarding XinFin’s technological as well as business development and the introduction of their tech services to her associates. While covering various fronts, Aakash and team also met Mr Silvio Schembri Junior Minister for Innovation and Blockchain & Policy Advisor to Minister and Prime Minister. The important authoritative figures of Malta had a healthy conversation with XinFin’s team regarding the company as well as the blockchain industry. They were enthusiastic about the operational and peripheral value addition that XinFin would bring to the technological development and blockchain industry. XinFin Compliance officer Aakash Kakkad (right), Silvio Schembri Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta (center) and our Associate at Malta, Prime Minister’s Office (left) Also, he met GDPR Service expert who had very encouraging words for XinFin wallet solution to be compliant in EU after GDPR. Approving our methodologies and security procedures, he suggested few measures to solidify the procedures. XinFin’s team also interacted with other cryptocurrency firms. One of them also showed their interest in moving existing business of KYC to blockchain and have expressed their interest in XinFin’s technological framework. As an organisation they have been involved in KYC and background check field for a long time, having a clientele that includes leading banks and insurance companies. They have been considering hybrid blockchain network and its huge potential and advantages apart from doing other tech infra developments. This is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for XinFin’s trading and wallet products to capitalise on the market. XinFin will also submit their business plan to Marion (Malta Enterprise), an important govt. body in Malta. Post-approval by the board, XinFin will be getting incentives and can leverage the partnership with Malta enterprise all over Malta and EU. XinFin Compliance officer Aakash Kakkad (center) with Malta Enterprise team, an agency responsible for the promotion of foreign investment and industrial development in Malta. Moving on the similar lines as Few of Independent Advisors, who has worked as an independent advisor to various ICO and is associated with multiple foreign agencies, agreed to refer XinFin for all blockchain based tech queries. He will be appointing XinFin as the official tech partner for his company in blockchain Industry and adding our services to his website. On the technical front, Aakash met one of the brightest Developers in Malta, and they discussed one of the largest projects outsource business idea and would be connecting with the tech team to get a fairer idea of the technological aspects. Concluding this business meeting, Aakash met a local Compliance Officer who expressed her interest in helping XinFin in compliance matters related to their functioning in Malta. Numerous business avenues have flowered for XinFin after the Malta visit and haveL positioned it as a leading competitor in that zone. It would be interesting to see their influence on tech and financial industry in the country and how it would cultivate their reputation in the business world on a global level. Read article on Medium
  4. Hellow @Barney First of all.. I would like to welcome you, great to have you here. I also experienced this myself once, in my case it just was not enough Ether to make the conversion. Try it again with half an Ether I think this will be sufficient. Let me know if it worked out. 💪
  5. XinFin getting attention from some prominent individuals, I can remember this promising tweet from Yoshitaka Kitao, which result in the fact many of my family members investing into XinFin. Also dont forget, last quarter of this year gonna be very excited for XinFin.
  6. Hello guys & girls, My job is try to answer questions and helping everyone on this forum. Im glad to be part of this revolution and honoured to be a moderator on this website. If you have any feedback or constructive critisism please let me know. Enjoy to participate in our new website. Welcome to the XinFiN family !! 🐳
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    ''And the power they took from the people, will return to the people.''


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