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  1. Additional bounty up to 900 USD per node has been made available for masternodes being hosted in Africa, South America and Australia from 1 October 2019 - 31 December 2019. https://www.xinfin.org/bounty.php This shows the eagerness from the XinFin Team to geographically decentralise the masternodes and hopefully we can do as much as possible to contribute towards that! Here are the steps to follow for a server relocation: 1. Create new server 2. Git clone the XinFin Node repository 3. Start new node to sync 4. After sync stop new node 5. Stop old node 6. Copy keystore and coinbase address from old server to the new server 7. start new node
  2. Yes the Team is working very hard to make that happen in the near future. We just need to be patient and hodl over the longer term!! πŸ˜ƒ
  3. Thanks for sharing this! Yes, I remember Chris moderating this discussion - I believe XinFin Team posted a youtube video on that.
  4. It's currently in talks I believe. The official Telegram channel may be best to keep track with how that is progressing. https://t.me/xinfintalk
  5. I am not sure whether these bonds will trade on secondary markets or just among the issuer and the borrower. XDC use case may be to process the smart contract and/or work with XinFin issued stable coin with XDC backing it.
  6. Welcome! Have a look around and hope you find some good info about XinFin here πŸ˜€
  7. Welcome! Please feel free to browse around!
  8. Well that prediction for XDCE of 0.001 is currently in the money 😊
  9. An exciting news! XinFin will be holding a webinar at the end of this month with Trade Financial! Details: Fri, 30 August 2019 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM Singapore Standard Time The following people will be the key speakers at the webinar: Paul Ruskin, Director - Business Development at Trace Financial Meenu Sarin, Director - Ecosystem Development at XinFin Trace Financial is a leading provider of advanced financial messaging solutions. More about them here: https://www.tracefinancial.com/ Book your free tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/xinfin-tracefinancial-webinar-2019-tickets-69538332023
  10. Here is a summary of the progress thus far on Q3 2019: 25–100 masternode Setup with 10M staking each (Subject to the speed of adoption) Actual Progress: 37 Masternodes are live. Check Here… Implement Masternode Pool Contract In Progress. Received a few inquiries to set up Masternode under the Pool Contract and Community Developer talking to all of them to understand detail requirements and trying to design the best suitable Pool Smart Contract. The announcement will be done soon once it goes live. 3 members for a governance body 1 member has already acquired 100M XDC 2 members discussion in progress. Awareness Meetups (online and offline) Online webinar with Trace Financial, largest integration partner for SWIFT More detail: http://events.tradefinex.org/ Other Events and Meetup: XinFin Network Presentation at Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry XinFin Network Presentation at Temasek Poly Launchpad, Singapore. TradeFinex Presentation at Singapore Chinese chamber of commerce Coming Soon: XinFin Network Presentation at Nanyang Polytechnic, Crypto Valley, SG innovate. Start Approaching regulators for XDC whitelisting Japan and Malta proposal received from the Law firm and working on it. Introduction of Commercial Products like X-Wallet, X-Sidechain, X-Stable Coin, X-Loyalty for Institution and retail: Already live with below-mentioned links: X-Wallet, X-Sidechain, X-Stable Coin, X-Loyalty, Additional Development Web Wallet Token Burning Target: Approx 10K USD β€” 500K USD (equivalent value in XDC) Approx 15K will be burnt Subject to the speed of Adoption (Institutional as well as Retail) XDC Protocol fees embedded in smart contract Popular Exchange listings target 1–2 Popular Exchanges The liquid proposal received : Approx cost is USD 125,000 but this listing does not provide and liquidity solution. We have been discussing with market markets so that this cost is justified with healthy liquidity/price ratio Bitrue proposal received Approx cost is USD 100,000 + USD 100,000 deposit. But this listing does not provide and liquidity solution. We have been discussing with market markets so that this cost is justified with healthy liquidity/price ratio Source - https://medium.com/@social_75814/51b62b4bf535
  11. This article has attracted 100k XDC bounty from the XinFin team!!! If you have any quality content on XinFin related topics, you are invited to write articles for bounty.
  12. If you are contemplating about buying more Masternodes vs. holding Bitcoin, please feel free to discuss here! One definite advantage is that holding a Masternode gives you passive returns. Currently (August 2019) that return is around 8000-9000 XDC per 24 hours.
  13. As XDCE is swappable to XDC at 1:1, if you do not want to execute any smart contacts, you would not need to change it to XDC unless you would like to host a masternode which requires staking 10m XDC (and not XDCE). In the future, XDCE maybe retired once XDC becomes readily available on various exchanges.
  14. XDC is fast - 2 second settlement and 2000 tps. On the other hand, XDCE is a ERC20 token so the experience would be based on the speed and the throughput of the Ethereum blockchain.
  15. You may be wondering what the difference is between XDCE and XDC. XDC: This is the native digital asset of the XinFin blockchain. XDC may be used to execute smart contracts on the XinFin blockchain as well as to host Masternodes. XDCE: This is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. XDCE was created mainly to provide easy access to obtain ownership in XDC as ERC-20 tokens were easier to list on many retail exchanges. XDCE is swappable 1-to-1 on the AlphaEx exchange. More details can be found here: Some time in the future, XDCE may be retired once XDC token is listed in a significant number of exchanges.
  16. I have published the full article here. I hope there is something valuable that you can take away from it! https://medium.com/@guest1x/deep-dive-into-xinfin-part-1-tradefinex-smart-bonds-and-the-xdc-use-case-ca984ec20ba We can use this section to discuss this article, especially if there are any fresh ideas regarding the 2 main XDC use cases: 1. Lending and borrowing in XDC backed stable coin 2. Lending and borrowing directly against XDC
  17. If you go to https://xinfin.network/#masternode you will see that there are Masternodes but also Proposed Nodes. Currently, if your node is in the list of Masternodes, then you will notice that roughly 10,000 XDC are sent to your wallet every 24 hours. However, if your masternode is in a Proposed state, it may be frustrating to notice that you are not getting any XDC rewards in your XDC wallet. You may feel like you are losing out because you are paying server fees and getting no rewards. However, @Rushabh Parmar confirmed that nodes that are in the Proposed state will receive rewards after 500 epochs. It takes around one month for 500 epochs but the node holder will receive all the rewards together. So if your node is in the Proposed state do not be nervous or worried that your node is not in the Masternode state or that you will not get paid, but be patient and make sure your node is running 24/7 for 31 or more consecutive days. You should be able to see the rewards land in your XDC wallet altogether!
  18. I have never come across this site before but definitely seems very interesting! It would be a fun and meaningful way to get a feel for the sentiment of other people who are in the same space.
  19. Yea Mercatox has better visibility IMO. Bancor is a bit harder to use but for small amounts they have a slightly better price.
  20. 1. XDC was highlighted by Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI, Board of Directors at Ripple. SBI is the largest external shareholder of R3. 2. XinFin and R3 are actively working together and XinFin brings best enterprise-grade public smart contracts blockchain to bridge enterprise Corda private blockchains https://medium.com/xinfin/xinfin-partners-with-r3-corda-a-consortium-blockchain-platform-with-over-200-financial-797b8bea457d 3. XDC has a settlement time of 2 seconds compared to 3-4 seconds for XRP 4. XDC has a throughput of up to 2000 TPS on-chain. XRP has 1500 TPS on-chain. 5. The price of XDC is at $0.0005-0.0006 which analogous to early stages of Ripple and the price of XRP. 6. Market capitalisation of XDC is at USD 2 million and there is much more room for it to grow. Recommended exchanges to purchase XDC: Mercatox, Bancor
  21. Also Try to put there on advanced settings on 0.5%.
  22. Hi @Barney This may help you: https://support.bancor.network/hc/en-us/articles/360001288671-Why-do-I-see-insufficient-ETH-to-cover-gas-fees-error- Perhaps you need to reduce a bit more ETH so that sufficient gas is available for the processing?
  23. I have successfully created a new token on the #XinFin platform for a potential ICO launch! Thanks @Rushabh Parmar for helping with this!! This is amazing that someone can easily create their own token. Give it a go! - https://mycontract.co Further instructions here: https://medium.com/xinfin/a-step-by-step-guide-to-issue-your-own-token-on-xinfin-network-in-a-few-minutes-b03aeae3be69 Let me know if you have any questions! πŸ˜€
  24. Yes, the fact that there is a strong relationship between R3 and XinFin gives me a lot of confidence indeed. I'm super excited about the Q3 and Q4 roadmap too!
  25. Tim Draper, a widely-known billionaire and crypto supporter was invited to the TradeFinex conference. Although he could not make it to the conference, he provided his vision and view on why such a platform could be successful. Hope you enjoy the video!
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