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    Hello guys & girls, My job is try to answer questions and helping everyone on this forum. Im glad to be part of this revolution and honoured to be a moderator on this website. If you have any feedback or constructive critisism please let me know. Enjoy to participate in our new website. Welcome to the XinFiN family !! 🐳
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    Hey everyone...Let’s help XinFin, help make the world better!
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    Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/aix-an-ai-fintech-firm-is-launching-bondsai---the-worlds-first-artificial-intelligence-bond-broker-setting-their-sights-on-disrupting-a-15-trillion-market-300824068.html
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    XinFin has an extremely credible strategy and milestones that have been achieved since inception. This can be observed in the initial roadmap below: This gives confidence that what XinFin is aiming to do for the rest of 2019 is genuine and if possible we should all aim to support them in their strategy! 🙂 In particular, let's promote: - a great early opportunity to host additional Masternodes while the price of XDC is still low - raise awareness in the digital asset community via eg. Twitter and other forums - continue to support popular exchange listings by tweeting to exchange founders Please feel free to share any other great ideas! 🙂
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    QuickBooks Users Can Connect Their Invoices Seamlessly With XinFin Blockchain Network QuickBooks users get more financing options to unpaid invoices with InFactor. XinFin Follow Apr 8 · 3 min read XinFin, built on an interoperable XDC protocol, today announced that QuickBooks users will be able to connect their invoices seamlessly with InFactor, a blockchain-based invoice factoring application developed by TradeFinex Dev team. InFactor is highly interoperable with legacy systems and other blockchain platforms which makes it easier for QuickBooks users to get more financing options to their unpaid invoices without shifting invoices between multiple systems. QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly towards small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills and perform reports generation. “The seamless connectivity and interoperability of InFactor application with QuickBooks will allow small businesses to improve their liquidity by saving them the trouble of uploading every single invoice for factoring on InFactor. InFactor will capture the existing data sets from QuickBooks and map them automatically onto its app enabling small businesses to connect with global financiers quickly; giving them access to a larger market for factoring”, said Can Inac, Ecosystem Partner, XinFin. Here’s a step by step guide to QuickBooks integration:https://github.com/XinFinOrg/Developer-Resource/blob/master/docs/dapp/infactor.io/quickbook-integration.md *Please note that it’s a TestNet PoC URL and will go into production once XinFin MainNet gets launched. For troubleshooting, please join XinFin Public Slack Channel and XinFin Telegram Developer Community. XinFin Hybrid Blockchain Network employs Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) Consensus which brings singularity of validator nodes (full nodes) into the picture, making the whole network more democratic, more trustworthy, more stable, and more self-sustainable. Masternodes are benefitted in the form of reputation building, enhanced reliability, increased incentive gains, and capability to deploy their own dApp/use case on the network. Interested Institutions looking to setup KYC enforced XinFin (TestNet) Masternodes, please click here. TradeFinex, a dApp based on top of the XinFin Hybrid Blockchain Network, is an open standard protocol for global trade and finance aiming to mitigate counterparty risks by enabling financial instruments to be more interoperable and liquid. An Open API platform ready to connect, TradeFinex has initiated a consortium with open invitations to address peer-to-peer trade finance and asset tokenization of real-world assets. TradeFinex invites Global Public Investors (GPIs), regulators, fintech companies, and financial & government institutions for the same. To be a part of this change as a Consortium founding member, please clickhere
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    Nice read for the newly arrived contributors in our community. XinFin extends its influence in blockchain friendly island, Malta After a tremendous uproar and high trading volumes on multiple exchanges, XinFin has taken another step in cultivating and extending their influence in one of the fastest growing European Nation. Aakash, Compliance Officer, XinFin and team recently visited Malta to interact and engage with top leaders from governance, law, banking, tech and finance industry. Embarking on an extensive business meet, XinFin appropriated numerous engagements and dealings which could be a potential turning point for their product awareness apart from being a boost to their business roadmap. Beginning the journey, Aakash met Mr Carlo Stivala from a leading Malta company supporting XinFin. Being directly involved in the new branch, Carlo will be helping XinFin in various documentation processes which might need some local assistance, legal opinions, licensing and other local dealings. Having a good clientele in diverse industries, his organisation offers relational benefits to XinFin which will help the company to discover better business solutions based on blockchain and connect with customers in need of technical expertise. XinFin Compliance officer Aakash Kakkad (left) and our associate Carlo Stivala at Malta (right) A lot of business leaders in Malta were quite enthusiastic about the potential of blockchain. A business leader at a major bank shared “I really like the idea and find a host of productive consequences from it. It would be a profitable venture to support.” Aakash met CEO of one of the biggest gaming companies in Malta. Their company provides software service to various betting companies apart from providing payment gateway services to gaming companies and is a B2B license holder in the gaming industry. He started with blockchain company with services of reviewing and advisory for DLT Companies and setting up blockchain companies in Malta. Their organisation will be employing XinFin’s tech support for blockchain based projects. Progressing the deal, the company official added, “XinFin will be the official tech partner for our company in blockchain Industry”. Subsequently, the company will soon be listing all the services provided by XinFin, on their website. Such a move is bound to get a definite and extended exposure in this gaming industry. As part of the engagement process, Aakash met one of the most well-known lawyers, and Partner Lawyer of Biggest Law Firm of Malta, who is also the appointed lawyer by the prime minister of Malta for blockchain task force in Malta. He has been assigned the task force for setting up bill and law for the Blockchain Island. With an in-depth knowledge of multiple tokens and previous legal experience at various well-known Blockchain Companies, his trust factor stands a huge ground. In the financial industry, Ex CEO of well known European Crypto Exchange will be helping XinFin as an Advisor and Ecosystem Development in European Region which will again be conducive for extending XinFin’s influence and awareness in the financial industry. Multiple leaders working in diverse domains presented different avenues for facilitating the business and trading for XinFin in Malta. One of them was Professor at the University of Malta. She expressed her optimism regarding XinFin’s technological as well as business development and the introduction of their tech services to her associates. While covering various fronts, Aakash and team also met Mr Silvio Schembri Junior Minister for Innovation and Blockchain & Policy Advisor to Minister and Prime Minister. The important authoritative figures of Malta had a healthy conversation with XinFin’s team regarding the company as well as the blockchain industry. They were enthusiastic about the operational and peripheral value addition that XinFin would bring to the technological development and blockchain industry. XinFin Compliance officer Aakash Kakkad (right), Silvio Schembri Junior Minister for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation within the Office of the Prime Minister of Malta (center) and our Associate at Malta, Prime Minister’s Office (left) Also, he met GDPR Service expert who had very encouraging words for XinFin wallet solution to be compliant in EU after GDPR. Approving our methodologies and security procedures, he suggested few measures to solidify the procedures. XinFin’s team also interacted with other cryptocurrency firms. One of them also showed their interest in moving existing business of KYC to blockchain and have expressed their interest in XinFin’s technological framework. As an organisation they have been involved in KYC and background check field for a long time, having a clientele that includes leading banks and insurance companies. They have been considering hybrid blockchain network and its huge potential and advantages apart from doing other tech infra developments. This is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for XinFin’s trading and wallet products to capitalise on the market. XinFin will also submit their business plan to Marion (Malta Enterprise), an important govt. body in Malta. Post-approval by the board, XinFin will be getting incentives and can leverage the partnership with Malta enterprise all over Malta and EU. XinFin Compliance officer Aakash Kakkad (center) with Malta Enterprise team, an agency responsible for the promotion of foreign investment and industrial development in Malta. Moving on the similar lines as Few of Independent Advisors, who has worked as an independent advisor to various ICO and is associated with multiple foreign agencies, agreed to refer XinFin for all blockchain based tech queries. He will be appointing XinFin as the official tech partner for his company in blockchain Industry and adding our services to his website. On the technical front, Aakash met one of the brightest Developers in Malta, and they discussed one of the largest projects outsource business idea and would be connecting with the tech team to get a fairer idea of the technological aspects. Concluding this business meeting, Aakash met a local Compliance Officer who expressed her interest in helping XinFin in compliance matters related to their functioning in Malta. Numerous business avenues have flowered for XinFin after the Malta visit and haveL positioned it as a leading competitor in that zone. It would be interesting to see their influence on tech and financial industry in the country and how it would cultivate their reputation in the business world on a global level. Read article on Medium
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    I have successfully created a new token on the #XinFin platform for a potential ICO launch! Thanks @Rushabh Parmar for helping with this!! This is amazing that someone can easily create their own token. Give it a go! - https://mycontract.co Further instructions here: https://medium.com/xinfin/a-step-by-step-guide-to-issue-your-own-token-on-xinfin-network-in-a-few-minutes-b03aeae3be69 Let me know if you have any questions! 😀
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    Yoshitaka Kitao is the CEO of Japanese banking conglomerate SBI Holdings and he is also on the Board of Directors at Ripple. SBI is a prominent shareholder of both Ripple and R3. Back in February 2019, Kitao tweeted the following: It will be exciting to see how the Corda Bridge and the XinFin <-> R3 ecosystem develops!
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    XinFin had a shared panel discussion with DTCC. All the big boys were there.
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    It's currently in talks I believe. The official Telegram channel may be best to keep track with how that is progressing. https://t.me/xinfintalk
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    Are there any staking pools available XDCE, that masternode may be out of reach as now
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    https://seer.dropil.com/view/104898/ewlhyUb9iY/QyBPGDzIJxwPmtN2AEgAF3oAiJbBYe I'm using Dropil's prediction market platform and think it is a great way to engage with other people who like to have fun!
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    Hi all. I purchased some XDCE on Fork Delta a while ago. There is not much action there but it has picked up in the past week. Got my buy order filled. Love your Twitter posts, Charles Lee.
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    I just learned of XinFin and want to read more about the Token. Very interesting 😊
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    Here is a summary of the progress thus far on Q3 2019: 25–100 masternode Setup with 10M staking each (Subject to the speed of adoption) Actual Progress: 37 Masternodes are live. Check Here… Implement Masternode Pool Contract In Progress. Received a few inquiries to set up Masternode under the Pool Contract and Community Developer talking to all of them to understand detail requirements and trying to design the best suitable Pool Smart Contract. The announcement will be done soon once it goes live. 3 members for a governance body 1 member has already acquired 100M XDC 2 members discussion in progress. Awareness Meetups (online and offline) Online webinar with Trace Financial, largest integration partner for SWIFT More detail: http://events.tradefinex.org/ Other Events and Meetup: XinFin Network Presentation at Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry XinFin Network Presentation at Temasek Poly Launchpad, Singapore. TradeFinex Presentation at Singapore Chinese chamber of commerce Coming Soon: XinFin Network Presentation at Nanyang Polytechnic, Crypto Valley, SG innovate. Start Approaching regulators for XDC whitelisting Japan and Malta proposal received from the Law firm and working on it. Introduction of Commercial Products like X-Wallet, X-Sidechain, X-Stable Coin, X-Loyalty for Institution and retail: Already live with below-mentioned links: X-Wallet, X-Sidechain, X-Stable Coin, X-Loyalty, Additional Development Web Wallet Token Burning Target: Approx 10K USD — 500K USD (equivalent value in XDC) Approx 15K will be burnt Subject to the speed of Adoption (Institutional as well as Retail) XDC Protocol fees embedded in smart contract Popular Exchange listings target 1–2 Popular Exchanges The liquid proposal received : Approx cost is USD 125,000 but this listing does not provide and liquidity solution. We have been discussing with market markets so that this cost is justified with healthy liquidity/price ratio Bitrue proposal received Approx cost is USD 100,000 + USD 100,000 deposit. But this listing does not provide and liquidity solution. We have been discussing with market markets so that this cost is justified with healthy liquidity/price ratio Source - https://medium.com/@social_75814/51b62b4bf535
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    Congratulation Peter Yeo for getting Asia's Leadership Award for XinFin at CMO Asia Awards held on 15, 16 August 2019 at Pan Pacific, Singapore.
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    Hi everyone, After speaking to Atul, it became evident that XDC can be used in the TradeFinex Smart Bond in the following ways: 1.Paying XDC as a processing fee on exchange.tradefinex.org The TradeFinex platform is powered by the XDC01 Protocol and a small processing fee is charged to deploy a bond onto the platform. Where is XDC used? - In order to record and deploy a smart bond on the platform, a small amount of XDC is required to be paid to process the deployment. 2. Lending and borrowing in XDC backed stable coin A stable coin, for example called XSC (XinFin Stable Coin), can be issued at a conversion rate of 1 XSC = 1 XDC. Lender B can purchase $100 million equivalent of XSC and lend that to Borrower A. Borrower A pays the same number of XSC to Lender B when the bond expires. Such a stable coin would be backed by multiples of XDC as a collateral to protect against the fall in value of XDC. For example, a ratio of 1/5 would imply that 5 XDC will be used to back the 1 XSC. In this case, even though 1 XSC = 1 XDC, additional 4 XDC would be held as collateral to protect against a reduction in the value of XDC. When Lender B receives the total number of XSC back that is equivalent to the total number of XSC borrowed, Lender B can have a peace of mind that the value equivalent to $100 million USD is returned to them. Where is XDC used? - The 5 XDC in this case would be locked into the XinFin blockchain and only released when the bond expires. The advantages of using a XDC backed stable coin are as follows: - Settlement on the XinFin/TradeFinex platform is significantly quicker compared to fiat - XDC backed stable coin is most likely going to be fully regulated and hence will be more transparent than USDT (USD Tether) - Participate and support the growth and stability of the XDC ecosystem. - Increase the value of the XDC digital asset as a result of a reduced supply of XDC. - Potential upside gain from an increase in the value of XDC. - Benefit from the protection against falls in the value of XDC. - Drastically reduced cost of foreign exchange fees if Lender B and Borrower A are in different countries requiring different forms of fiat. - With traditional fiat becoming more and more unstable , stablecoins backed by digital assets may be a better way to hold your value. XDC can serve as a protection against fiat inflation over the longer term as XDC is fixed in supply. - XSC could be represented as an IOU on the globally accepted standard of internet-based value exchange mechanism called the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and the value could be exchanged into other forms of fiat, digital assets or commodities with minimal friction and cost of conversion. The disadvantages are as follows: - An opportunity cost may exist as a significant amount of additional XDC would need to be sourced as collateral and locked-in XDC cannot be used for another purpose until bond expiry. - The holder of the collateral would incur the loss should the value of XDC fall. 3. Lending and borrowing in fiat backed stable coin deployed on XinFin A USD backed stable coin, for example called UBSC (USD Backed Stable Coin), can be issued at a conversion rate of 1 UBSC = 1 USD. Lender B can purchase 100 million UBSC and lend that to Borrower A. Borrower A pays back 100 million UBSC to Lender B when the bond expires. Where is XDC used? - In this case, no XDC would need to be locked-in as a collateral. A smart contract processing fee analogous to ETH gas would be paid in XDC to execute the smart contract. The advantages of using a USD backed stable coin are as follows: - Settlement on the XinFin/TradeFinex platform is significantly quicker compared to fiat - UBSC could be represented as an IOU and the value could be exchanged to other forms of fiat, digital assets or commodities using the Interledger Protocol (ILP) with minimal friction and cost of conversion. The disadvantages are as follows: - UBSC would lose value over time equivalent to the loss of value of USD over time due to inflation. Such a risk can be mitigated by increasing the bond interest receivable to include the anticipated level of inflation over the 5 years. 4. Lending and borrowing directly against XDC Lender B would purchase $100 million USD equivalent of XDC from the open market and lend that to Borrower A. Borrower A pays back the same number of XDC to Lender B when the bond expires. Where is XDC used? - XDC will need to be purchased from the open market. The advantages of using XDC directly are as follows: - Participate and support the growth and stability of the XDC ecosystem. - Increase the value of the XDC digital asset as a result of increased demand for XDC. The disadvantages are as follows: - Lender B holds a significant risk due to the fluctuation in the price of XDC over the longer term should the value of XDC decrease significantly over the 5 years. - Borrower A holds a significant risk of not being able to pay back the same number of XDC should the value of XDC increases significantly over the 5 years The above risks are likely to reduce significantly over the longer term as the XDC ecosystem matures and the increased liquidity of XDC results in lower price volatility until such time that the volatility becomes comparable to the fiat market FX fluctuations. Hope you find this useful!
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    and having one Masternode running you can put a "check" on that. Investing in more Masternodes of the same project you make yourself "addicted" to that one project, very risky IMO Next to Bitcoin holdings and XinFin masternode I want to do a check on other stuff too, on many I have "enough"to be happy at the moment. Other interesting masternodes are CPChain, MatrixAi and GRAFT, all have huge partnerships, great devs, great teams... everything as great as with XinFin. Prove of Stake cons like Icon, Ontology, Nexus, Aion, Aelf, Stratis and in future Eth with its 32eth minimum all very interesting and a good hedge without having to run a masternode. Got scared out of Komodo because of their wallet hack but all in all this is a great ecosystem with very smart devs. High Performance Blockchain, great project too with a mega partnership in UnionPay, will it help to rise the value of hpb??? Like in every other coin next to bitcoin, this is a big unknown. Will any blockchain out of pure demand evey rise the value of the token? We don´t know, at the moment even bitcoin is only valued from speculators. DigiByte is another must for me, simply the best version of bitcoin IMO, I hope they will get used even more as Litecoin, I like everything more with DGB, really one of my faves with Elastos. Oh and one last thing would be investing directly in exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase over my BnkToTheFuture platform
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    yes that is a difficult question I can´t decide myself what to do. Sure if you have more than 10 btc than you don´t have to worry that much but if you have way less I don´t know if it would be wise to sell btc for more masternodes. I´m very diversivied in crypto and open against btc-only thoughts but we have to think about that "if any of the cryptos will work, it might be bitcoin" It is the safe bet in this space. XinFin on the other hand is almost as low as it gets in sat-messure, so it rises with btc most of the time and if it starts to rise in sats itself then you can easily gain 100x. It is so tempting. The only thing that really holds me back is the current value. I can´t make of my mind how the players who say they are involved in this ecosystem let if fall down that deep, that is really suspicious to me. If you KNOW Xinfin will be used in the future and will be a big player in the world you don´t let it fall to almost 0 IMO There is something wrong in nobody of the big players are picking in up and only little pure guys like me invest in it. XinFin is nothing without its partners, the tech IMO is not very special against other dpos system, sure very good but nothing that special. Ramco, R3 ... all that is the reason I´m in XinFin and like I said it is very strange that these bigboys don´t buy the coin since month
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    You may be wondering what the difference is between XDCE and XDC. XDC: This is the native digital asset of the XinFin blockchain. XDC may be used to execute smart contracts on the XinFin blockchain as well as to host Masternodes. XDCE: This is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. XDCE was created mainly to provide easy access to obtain ownership in XDC as ERC-20 tokens were easier to list on many retail exchanges. XDCE is swappable 1-to-1 on the AlphaEx exchange. More details can be found here: Some time in the future, XDCE may be retired once XDC token is listed in a significant number of exchanges.
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    and as a follow up to mine own post, lol, I see the TPS for XDC, very fast, and the XDCE is ERC and I assumed a PoW token I didnt think any PoW token was that fast, I see they call it a hybrid, but was not sure about the stated TPS, since my background is not technology, i am running the risk of asking a stupid question, just trying to understand, i guess it all goes back to XDC v XDCE, thanks again,.
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    oops, i just posted about this, i didnt see this until after i hit post, apologies.
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    You can see details about your node status with the following colours Red represents danger, orange means its not in best state, green means it is in best shape. We usually take red colors as a sign of something went wrong. For More information regarding the relation of color and value of different parameters can be found at https://github.com/XinFinOrg/XDC-netstats/blob/master/web-app/.meteor/local/build/programs/web.browser/app/client/js/templateHelpers.js
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    Blockchain technology is often associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, therefore, there is some kind of monetary value attached to your exposure to this new market class. http://amp.coincodex.com/article/4295/why-you-should-consider-running-a-masternode-in-2019/?__twitter_impression=true While trading on a regular basis, or even investing in long-term solutions using cryptocurrency exchange markets such as Binance is one way to 'make a buck' in the scene, it is certainly not the only or necessarily the most efficient way to accumulate wealth in the crypto realm. Other ways of participating in the market such as mining exist since the beginning of the blockchain era and they find their way into the alternative monetary system through protocols under the Proof of Work (PoW) umbrella. In PoW-based DLT platforms, a miner can contribute to the validation process of the transactions by offering processing power that is later being used to solve computationally-intensive mathematical problems in order to confirm and promote a transaction that takes place on a blockchain using PoW. Miners are compensated with block rewards and transaction fees in exchange for providing their processing power to help secure the blockchain network. In order to mine cryptocurrencies effectively, a large investment in hardware is required since the industry is dominated by large-scale companies that command enormous capital. However, some blockchains use different mechanisms that do not require mining and are more accessible to the everyday participant in the cryptocurrency space. The Masternode According to Investopedia, "Masternodes are full nodes that incentivize node operators to perform the core consensus functions of running a blockchain". In a nutshell, a user that not only has the whole blockchain stored in his computing unit (node), but also uses their processing power to solve mathematical problems in order to promote transactions to secure the network's integrity, is classified as a Masternode. Masternodes are financially rewarded for their contribution and they are usually compensated with the respective cryptocurrency and/or token they're helping to 'maintain'. One of the most successful Bitcoin forks, DASH, was among the first to utilize the Masternode concept. The Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus model alongside with masternodes can be an attractive alternative for entering the crypto scene, as it requires little technical skill or knowledge of the financial market. In addition, users do not need the amount of processing power that is required for mining most cryptocurrencies profitably. Malicious actors will not be tolerated by the above models that represent alternative ways of running a blockchain to that of PoW. The scene According to MasterNodes.Pro, a Masternode-focused tracker, there are currently 122 Masternode-based cryptocurrencies, with DASH being ranked in the first place due to its early adoption of the operating model. While the combined market cap of the Masternode 'clique' is only worth about $1 billion, it is expected that more established and newly generated cryptocurrencies will follow the financial model and join the ride. Hence, Masternodes are rare, compared to the over 2,000 cryptocurrency projects out there, yet very attractive to individual investors who don't want to mess with trading/mining and still get that extra buck. If you're banking on another large cryptocurrency bull-run in the near future, similar to the one we experienced in 2017, joining a Masternode project could be a good way to see the value of your existing holdings grow while also receiving a steady stream of rewards to grow your crypto position.
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    Wow @Charles Lee Thanks for this great piece of information.
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    PLEASE NOTE - The below steps to reduce the size of the log file is only recommended if you have verified that your node is updated with the latest block and functioning 100% fine and you have no reason to view and debug using the log file. There is a significant amount of disk space taken up by the xdc.log file - which can be much larger than the actual blockchain itself. Currently the size of the log file is around 15-20 gigabytes! The following guide on how to adjust the settings and remove the log file. The guide is for the Linux operating system. 1. Go to XinFin-Node folder and edit start-node.sh 2. Change the Verbosity from 4 to 2 in the following code, save and exit. 3. Type the following in Linux to find the Container ID: 4. Type the following in Linux to observe the XDC chain folder, replacing <container_id> with the Container ID obtained from Step 3 above. You should see something like this (but your xdc.log size may be much bigger): 5. Delete the xdc.log file by using the following command: 6. Restart the docker container by issuing the following commands: Once the docker container is restarted, the "Verbosity 2" parameter will take effect and the size of the xdc.log will become minimal. Hope this helps!
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    Good catch! Noticed our node was using the older value. We shutdown, pulled the latest changes, deleted the old .log file and restarted the node!
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    1. XDC was highlighted by Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI, Board of Directors at Ripple. SBI is the largest external shareholder of R3. 2. XinFin and R3 are actively working together and XinFin brings best enterprise-grade public smart contracts blockchain to bridge enterprise Corda private blockchains https://medium.com/xinfin/xinfin-partners-with-r3-corda-a-consortium-blockchain-platform-with-over-200-financial-797b8bea457d 3. XDC has a settlement time of 2 seconds compared to 3-4 seconds for XRP 4. XDC has a throughput of up to 2000 TPS on-chain. XRP has 1500 TPS on-chain. 5. The price of XDC is at $0.0005-0.0006 which analogous to early stages of Ripple and the price of XRP. 6. Market capitalisation of XDC is at USD 2 million and there is much more room for it to grow. Recommended exchanges to purchase XDC: Mercatox, Bancor
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    Thanks all. I will give it a go when I get home and let you know how I got on 👍
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    You should leave at least .002 - .005 ether to cover gas fees depending upon congestion I believe. So adjust your order accordingly. Also do not forget to adjust the price slippages in advance settings.
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    Hellow @Barney First of all.. I would like to welcome you, great to have you here. I also experienced this myself once, in my case it just was not enough Ether to make the conversion. Try it again with half an Ether I think this will be sufficient. Let me know if it worked out. 💪
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    That's awesome Charles ... can't wait to read more about the process.
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    Also Try to put there on advanced settings on 0.5%.
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    Hi there, I'm very new to xdce. Just bought a little ETH and sent it to Bancor. Trying to convert it to xdce but it keeps saying not enough ETH for gas fee. I've tried reducing the amount from the maximum I have available to convert but it still comes up with the same error. Can anyone please advise?
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    Yes, the fact that there is a strong relationship between R3 and XinFin gives me a lot of confidence indeed. I'm super excited about the Q3 and Q4 roadmap too!
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    XinFin getting attention from some prominent individuals, I can remember this promising tweet from Yoshitaka Kitao, which result in the fact many of my family members investing into XinFin. Also dont forget, last quarter of this year gonna be very excited for XinFin.
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    Tim Draper, a widely-known billionaire and crypto supporter was invited to the TradeFinex conference. Although he could not make it to the conference, he provided his vision and view on why such a platform could be successful. Hope you enjoy the video!
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    XinFin has developed an E-Wallet for the easy access of the users. Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xinfin-ewallet/bocpokimicclpaiekenaeelehdjllofo Name the E - wallet Bounty Community members can suggest the name of the new XinFin extension wallet and the chosen name will be rewarded with $50 worth of XDC tokens. Fill the Google form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1IaXpCuZE6g4emYxdXLsD5eyBb_8USFrwBtOAXoplBSY to claim your bounty. For more bounty programs you can visit at https://xinfin.org/bounty.php
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    Please note! This guide is for XDCE ERC-20 Token only and NOT the XDC token! Even though the feature is currently experimental, I have experienced no problems saving XDCE onto my Ledger Nano S using the following approach: Download Ledger Live 1.12.0 or above, install and open the App. Enable Experimental nodes in Settings > Experimental features. Enable Experimental Core in Settings > Experimental features. Go to your Ledger Nano S -> ETH -> Settings -> Contract data -> "Yes" Go to your Ledger Nano S -> ETH -> Settings -> Browser Support -> "No" Go back to Ledger Live and add your Ethereum accounts again to update them for ERC20 functionality. You may use the Add accounts button on the Accounts page. Send a small amount of XDCE to your ETH address found in Ledger Live. This will create a XDCE wallet in your Ledger Live. Hope this helps!
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    Welcome! 😀 XinFin FTW!!!
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    This is a guide with screenshots on how to convert XDCE to XDC: 1. Register on AlphaEx and submit documents for KYC approval. 2. Once you have been approved, log on and click Wallets on the top right side of the screen: 3. Click on Deposit under XDCE and copy your wallet address 4. Send XDCE to the copied wallet address. 5. Click on the Trade menu on the top of the screen. Once you are in the Trade page, click on XDC-XDCE on the left-hand side: 6. Go to the Buy XDC side of the screen and enter the desired number of XDCE to convert XDC. The conversion ratio is 1 to 1. There is no exchange fee or trading fee for converting XDCE to XDC. 7. Click on Swap XDCE. 8. You are done! Go back to your wallet and check that the correct number of XDCs are shown:
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    I noticed recently that Atul made the following comment: He said this in duration 14:30 in the following video: By asking around in Telegram, I found out that the name of that production system in India that was mentioned was Monetago: https://www.indiatoday.in/pti-feed/story/we-at-monetago-have-presence-in-over-40-countries-and-28-515647-2015-11-19 Here is Monetago's website: https://www.monetago.com/ This is absolutely fantastic! Atul already has an experience of building the largest blockchain project in India valued at $100m. XinFin's vision is much bigger than just India and this gives us all the more reasons to be excited of what is to come in the future!
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    Here is a comparison of the technical specs of XDC relative to its peers: Furthermore, XDC boasts of a block settlement time of only 2 seconds! This is faster than the 3rd most popular digital asset XRP. Zilliqa has a higher transaction throughput at 2200 TPS compared to 2000 TPS of XDC. However, there are inherent problems with PoW such as heavy electricity costs.
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