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  2. Additional bounty up to 900 USD per node has been made available for masternodes being hosted in Africa, South America and Australia from 1 October 2019 - 31 December 2019. https://www.xinfin.org/bounty.php This shows the eagerness from the XinFin Team to geographically decentralise the masternodes and hopefully we can do as much as possible to contribute towards that! Here are the steps to follow for a server relocation: 1. Create new server 2. Git clone the XinFin Node repository 3. Start new node to sync 4. After sync stop new node 5. Stop old node 6. Copy keystore and coinbase address from old server to the new server 7. start new node
  3. Yes the Team is working very hard to make that happen in the near future. We just need to be patient and hodl over the longer term!! 😃
  4. Thanks for sharing this! Yes, I remember Chris moderating this discussion - I believe XinFin Team posted a youtube video on that.
  5. It's currently in talks I believe. The official Telegram channel may be best to keep track with how that is progressing. https://t.me/xinfintalk
  6. I am not sure whether these bonds will trade on secondary markets or just among the issuer and the borrower. XDC use case may be to process the smart contract and/or work with XinFin issued stable coin with XDC backing it.
  7. Welcome! Have a look around and hope you find some good info about XinFin here 😀
  8. Are there any staking pools available XDCE, that masternode may be out of reach as now
  9. I hope that I am able to grab some more before that price goes up. But I can see that the partnership with R3 is HUGE and XinFin will integrate with it's partners in the banking and insurance sector, Xinfin's demand will take off and so will the price.
  10. I am watching and reading everything I can on XinFin, the project appears to solve one of those Big Problems of Financing for peer to peer and amazingly XinFin can help with multi billion dollar funding for Governments and Private Companies all around the word.
  11. I think the price has to rise to be listed on major exchanges. So I guess at least .1 before start of 2020. Haha, we will see.
  12. XinFin had a shared panel discussion with DTCC. All the big boys were there.
  13. Hi all. I purchased some XDCE on Fork Delta a while ago. There is not much action there but it has picked up in the past week. Got my buy order filled. Love your Twitter posts, Charles Lee.
  14. Welcome! Please feel free to browse around!
  15. I just learned of XinFin and want to read more about the Token. Very interesting 😊
  16. Well that prediction for XDCE of 0.001 is currently in the money 😊
  17. Charles! That's our friends platform. Dropil.com is an amazing service platform that used DROP ERC-20 tokens to do fun stuff like predict markets, play games, trades with bots and other crypto services!
  18. An exciting news! XinFin will be holding a webinar at the end of this month with Trade Financial! Details: Fri, 30 August 2019 5:30 PM – 6:00 PM Singapore Standard Time The following people will be the key speakers at the webinar: Paul Ruskin, Director - Business Development at Trace Financial Meenu Sarin, Director - Ecosystem Development at XinFin Trace Financial is a leading provider of advanced financial messaging solutions. More about them here: https://www.tracefinancial.com/ Book your free tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/xinfin-tracefinancial-webinar-2019-tickets-69538332023
  19. Here is a summary of the progress thus far on Q3 2019: 25–100 masternode Setup with 10M staking each (Subject to the speed of adoption) Actual Progress: 37 Masternodes are live. Check Here… Implement Masternode Pool Contract In Progress. Received a few inquiries to set up Masternode under the Pool Contract and Community Developer talking to all of them to understand detail requirements and trying to design the best suitable Pool Smart Contract. The announcement will be done soon once it goes live. 3 members for a governance body 1 member has already acquired 100M XDC 2 members discussion in progress. Awareness Meetups (online and offline) Online webinar with Trace Financial, largest integration partner for SWIFT More detail: http://events.tradefinex.org/ Other Events and Meetup: XinFin Network Presentation at Singapore Chamber of Commerce & Industry XinFin Network Presentation at Temasek Poly Launchpad, Singapore. TradeFinex Presentation at Singapore Chinese chamber of commerce Coming Soon: XinFin Network Presentation at Nanyang Polytechnic, Crypto Valley, SG innovate. Start Approaching regulators for XDC whitelisting Japan and Malta proposal received from the Law firm and working on it. Introduction of Commercial Products like X-Wallet, X-Sidechain, X-Stable Coin, X-Loyalty for Institution and retail: Already live with below-mentioned links: X-Wallet, X-Sidechain, X-Stable Coin, X-Loyalty, Additional Development Web Wallet Token Burning Target: Approx 10K USD — 500K USD (equivalent value in XDC) Approx 15K will be burnt Subject to the speed of Adoption (Institutional as well as Retail) XDC Protocol fees embedded in smart contract Popular Exchange listings target 1–2 Popular Exchanges The liquid proposal received : Approx cost is USD 125,000 but this listing does not provide and liquidity solution. We have been discussing with market markets so that this cost is justified with healthy liquidity/price ratio Bitrue proposal received Approx cost is USD 100,000 + USD 100,000 deposit. But this listing does not provide and liquidity solution. We have been discussing with market markets so that this cost is justified with healthy liquidity/price ratio Source - https://medium.com/@social_75814/51b62b4bf535
  20. Congratulation Peter Yeo for getting Asia's Leadership Award for XinFin at CMO Asia Awards held on 15, 16 August 2019 at Pan Pacific, Singapore.
  21. This article has attracted 100k XDC bounty from the XinFin team!!! If you have any quality content on XinFin related topics, you are invited to write articles for bounty.
  22. and having one Masternode running you can put a "check" on that. Investing in more Masternodes of the same project you make yourself "addicted" to that one project, very risky IMO Next to Bitcoin holdings and XinFin masternode I want to do a check on other stuff too, on many I have "enough"to be happy at the moment. Other interesting masternodes are CPChain, MatrixAi and GRAFT, all have huge partnerships, great devs, great teams... everything as great as with XinFin. Prove of Stake cons like Icon, Ontology, Nexus, Aion, Aelf, Stratis and in future Eth with its 32eth minimum all very interesting and a good hedge without having to run a masternode. Got scared out of Komodo because of their wallet hack but all in all this is a great ecosystem with very smart devs. High Performance Blockchain, great project too with a mega partnership in UnionPay, will it help to rise the value of hpb??? Like in every other coin next to bitcoin, this is a big unknown. Will any blockchain out of pure demand evey rise the value of the token? We don´t know, at the moment even bitcoin is only valued from speculators. DigiByte is another must for me, simply the best version of bitcoin IMO, I hope they will get used even more as Litecoin, I like everything more with DGB, really one of my faves with Elastos. Oh and one last thing would be investing directly in exchanges like Kraken and Coinbase over my BnkToTheFuture platform
  23. yes that is a difficult question I can´t decide myself what to do. Sure if you have more than 10 btc than you don´t have to worry that much but if you have way less I don´t know if it would be wise to sell btc for more masternodes. I´m very diversivied in crypto and open against btc-only thoughts but we have to think about that "if any of the cryptos will work, it might be bitcoin" It is the safe bet in this space. XinFin on the other hand is almost as low as it gets in sat-messure, so it rises with btc most of the time and if it starts to rise in sats itself then you can easily gain 100x. It is so tempting. The only thing that really holds me back is the current value. I can´t make of my mind how the players who say they are involved in this ecosystem let if fall down that deep, that is really suspicious to me. If you KNOW Xinfin will be used in the future and will be a big player in the world you don´t let it fall to almost 0 IMO There is something wrong in nobody of the big players are picking in up and only little pure guys like me invest in it. XinFin is nothing without its partners, the tech IMO is not very special against other dpos system, sure very good but nothing that special. Ramco, R3 ... all that is the reason I´m in XinFin and like I said it is very strange that these bigboys don´t buy the coin since month
  24. If you are contemplating about buying more Masternodes vs. holding Bitcoin, please feel free to discuss here! One definite advantage is that holding a Masternode gives you passive returns. Currently (August 2019) that return is around 8000-9000 XDC per 24 hours.
  25. As XDCE is swappable to XDC at 1:1, if you do not want to execute any smart contacts, you would not need to change it to XDC unless you would like to host a masternode which requires staking 10m XDC (and not XDCE). In the future, XDCE maybe retired once XDC becomes readily available on various exchanges.
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